Australia’s best velcro display boards & accessories, are you looking for a reliable, easy-to-use notice board? Velcro display boards are a popular choice Australia-wide.

Velcro Display Boards

Quick & Easy 

They are used for displaying posters, brochures, and leaflets, which is why they’re often used by community and social groups. For community centres, they are a valuable method of communicating information, updates about meetings, and dates for upcoming events.

They are also useful for members of the community to advertise their own information, such as garage sales, lost pets, or updates about the local area.

Reliable & Well Made

Why Velcro Display Boards?

Our Velcro display boards and accessories are highly sought after by organisations across Australia. They don’t require the same accessories as whiteboards, such as markers and erases, and aren’t as fiddly to use as pinboards.

They are a great option for young children to stick pictures and games on, and can be easily integrated into the education sector as a learning tool. Many kindergartens, schools, and childcare centres use Velcro display boards as part of fun, engaging activities for children – and these activities can be simply recreated at your own home.

Framing Options

Custom Designs

When you need a reliable, well-made Velcro display board, we’re the most reputable supplier of notice boards and other display boards. Ultimate Pinboards & Whiteboards (UPW) are an Australian-owned company.

Velcro Board features:

–  Low maintenance
–  Stain resistant
–  Extremely versatile
–  Various aluminum frames available
–  Sturdy & well-made construction
–  Loads of colours to choose from
–  Custom made to fit your needs 

Display Board Products & Accessories

We have been supplying products and accessories for workplaces and schools across Melbourne for many years. Our range includes mobile glassboards, cork boards, fabric pinboards, and notice boards.

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Australia’s Best Velcro Display Boards & Accessories

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