Australia’s Best Range of Magnetic & White Glassboards

Offices and schools across Australia utilise small and large whiteboards every day. Our magnetic glassboards are a modern alternative to conventional whiteboards. A magnetic glassboard allows you to write and post your notes, whilst still boasting a stylish interior.

We offer a wide range of white and magnetic starfire toughened glassboards  that will suit any office or workspace in Melbourne and nationwide. If you would like an extra splash of colour, we also make any size you require and any colour in the Dulux range.

Discover how small, large, and customised magnetic and white glassboards can increase productivity and creativity in your workplace.

Benefits of Small & Large Magnetic Glass Boards

Glass whiteboards are superior to some traditional dry erase boards in multiple aspects. Unlike traditional melamine whiteboards which leaves a mark even after it has been cleaned thoroughly, our superior porcelain whiteboards and glass boards are durable and stain resistant. This means your glass board looks new for a much longer time, is easy to maintain and have a longer lifespan in your Melbourne workplace or school.

You can get your glass boards magnetised so they work more like traditional whiteboards in Australia. While tempered glass does not have any magnetic properties on its own, a thin sheet of magnetised steel is laminated to the back of your glass board to make it magnetic. A couple of strong magnets will pin up your documents easily and give you flexibility to move them around as needed.

Another reason to consider magnetic glass boards is that they come in customisable sizes. Whether you require a small or large board, you can select the right size for your purpose especially if your rooms come in odd or unusual dimensions.

Our glassboards are:
– are made from tempered (toughened) glass
– have stylish chrome fixings
– magnetic or non-magnetic available
– have five standard sizes available in white
– custom made orders available in any colour in the Dulux powdercoat range

Glassboards are a modern alternative to traditional whiteboards, that enhance any workspace to create a stylish interior for meeting rooms, office areas and classrooms.

Whether you want a white magnetic glassboard, or a custom made glassboard, we will have the board that is right for you! Enquire today! We also offer cork boards, Velcro display boards, fabric pinboards, and notice boards.

Glassboard (white) and magnetic standard sizes:
900 x 1200
1200 x 1200
1500 x 1200
1800 x 1200
2100 x 1200

Supplying Top of the Range Magnetic and White Glassboards Across Melbourne

Australian-owned, Ultimate Pinboards and Whiteboards (UPW) supply exceptional wall hanging noticeboard products in Melbourne and across the country. We can advise on the most ideal solution for your workspace, be that in a small office, a large classroom school, or other community hub. Please reach out with any questions, and our customer service representatives will be happy to have a chat. You can call us on (03) 9532 3568, reach out at, or submit an enquiry form.



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