AT UPW, our fabric boards are an ideal finish for any office or classroom setting. They are decorative and durable and are made from thermally bonded polyester. Whether you want your boards’ frameless (wrapper) or with a stylish frame, we have the board for you. Every fabric board is Velcro receptive and accepts drawing pins and staples. For all of our custom made boards, there are 33 colours and a selection of stylish frames is available.

Standard sizes available:
900 x 1200
1200 x 1200
1500 x 1200
1800 x 1200

Our fabric is a versatile wall covering that can be made into a wall mounted board (with or without a frame) or as a mobile board or partition. If you are looking at covering a whole wall and not just a small area, the composition acoustic fabric is a perfect option for you. Enquire today!

– Have 33 colours available
– Are stylish in design, low maintenance and stain resistant.
– Are a decorative and functional wall covering
– They are made from a thermally bonded polyester fabric
– Have a hook and loop receptive surface for educational and commercial sectors
– Accepts drawing pins and staples
– Come as a wrapper or in a stylish frame

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